‘ i weigh more than i appear to.
      but no, i think if we burned it in here the cops
      would probably be suspicious… — you were joking.
      i seriously need to work on my sense of humor…
      but no, i trust you. i mean, it should be okay as long
      as you don’t go driving off a cliff while i’m napping.
      —— we can stop at walgreens? or target, or something.
      i’ve got a credit card in an assumed name —— don’t ask.
      so if that’s everything, we can go ahead and go? i’m
      fine, just let me grab one thing. 

    ’ and i’m stronger than i look. 
      probably a little suspicious. i hope you have
      a roomy trunk. —— heh, your humor’s fine.
      you just have a colder edge i guess. i’ll avoid
      any crazy cliff jumps. don’t worry, i won’t ask.
      well, now. what’s your assumed name…? yeah,
      sure, grab whatever you need. ‘

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it might have just been a mistake?

probably, but i have no idea what to do when it happens gfjklsd

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Not at all, bae. I’ve done that before. AND the person they tagged me as was someone I hate. -_-

oh my, that’s no fun fkjdsa



Claire didn’t know what had happened. Just that she’d been in her room moments before and now…she was out on the street? Her head swiveled around to take in the scenery. It didn’t even look familiar. Just a few buildings. But not even the smell was the same. It was…different. Almost muskier.

She heard footsteps not far behind her and started walking the other way. Better to try and figure out what was going on before getting seen. But of course it was too late. The footsteps stopped and and all too familiar voice was ordering her to freeze.

"What?" Claire hissed, turning to look over her shoulder at the woman. The brunette version of herself. "What’s going on?" she asked, her features giving a very confused expression.

Today was just not her day.


How the hell did you get here?”

It would have been easier to simply pull the trigger — if it was anyone else, at least — and go about her business. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen in a day, in this world. But she knew better than that, considering who it was she was looking at. A bullet wouldn’t do much of anything.

Still, she kept the barrel of the gun aimed at her other self, though her finger wasn’t resting on the trigger. There wouldn’t be any need for it.

"Either you tell me what’s going on, or I’ll take you to someone who will make you talk. Yeah, even you can be broken.”



The tension was notable. And the
passenger seat was cramped. He stared
at her legs for a moment, caught off
guard by how short she was. Okay.

                  'Oh you Know.  Helping Peter with his..
                       superhero stuff. When he’s not getting
                       kidnapped by stalkers.”

She looked over at him again before committing to
focusing on the drive rather than the passenger. To
be fair, it wasn’t the strangest thing to ever happen
in her life.

            ”And how’s that been going? Are
                you…enjoying it? —— You can move
                the seat back if you need to.”



Breaking bones is a hobby for you then?

' —- it has its uses. ‘

            is it poor form to not reply to someone who tags a
            different person in your thread with them?



    Just a heads up! —— I’m taking the next couple days off
    from here, Claire, and Diana. I need to clear my head and
    take a step back. I’ll be back either Monday evening or
    Tuesday after work, and then I’ll get cracking on replies,
    asks, and catching up with new followers. Sorry for any
    inconvenience — love you all!

It’s kinda —— unbelievable. There’s a static charge that
she swears she’d drown in (if she could actually drown), and
the sharp taste of ozone lingers on her tongue. She knows
she’s human, but she’s always been different. Now? She
can’t help but feel like she’s cut from something lesser.
Immortality’s something she’s checked off — or should
she be waiting for eternity to do that? — but calling storms
from the skies? Fighting with such raw strength? That’s…otherworldly

            Her jaw sits agape for a brief moment before she
              blinks herself back to reality. Still, that doesn’t help
              with forming actual words. With the cape,
              the hammer, and the distinct air about him that
              makes him seem ancient, she swears he’s something
              right out of…well, she can’t really place him. She
              can’t help but stare for a moment that’s way too
              long before she can manage to say something.

                    ’ Who are you? ‘


                            ”Don’t kill if you can wound, don’t wound if you
                             can subdue, don’t subdue if you can pacify, and
                                don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first
                                                    extended it.”

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"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me." - Joshua Graham